Just to set a couple of things clear, so there are no misunderstandings.

About Book Information:

Information and summaries posted on this website are taken from Goodreads book info page or provided by event organiser (for blog tours, cover reveals etc.). I am not responsible if some book synopsis contains a spoiler. If you don't want to take that risk, book summary section is always clearly marked, so just skip it. :)

About Book Reviews:

All text I write about books are 100% my personal opinion. I do not receive any monetary compensation from publishers or authors in exchange for writing book reviews.

Some books I wrote about were gifted to me by the publisher or author either personally or via NetGalley in exchange for a honest review. For each book I review there is a source of book in book info section beside the book cover at the top.

About Affiliate Links:

When posting an Amazon ads, book covers or links to the books on Amazon website, I am using so-called affiliate links. That means that if you follow that link and buy something, I will receive a small referral fee.

Look on it like on a investment, because I will use that money only to buy more books that will be featured or this site. o:) Also, I plan that from time to time reward my followers by organizing giveaways that will be funded by this earnings.

About Images Used:

Book covers I use come from different sources: Goodreads, publishers website, etc.

Blog tour posts images were provided by that blog tour host.

Sources for some other images used on this website:

If you have copyright problems or complaints regarding any of the images used on this website, feel free to contact me and I will remove them immediately.

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