Review Policy

If you are interested in having me read and review a book, feel free to contact me, but first please check out the answers to some critical questions below.

What books will I consider for a review?

My favorite genre of books is Speculative Fiction (science fiction, fantasy, horror, supernatural, utopian, dystopian, apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic) but I tend to read anything that catches my interest or comes highly recommended from my friends. I do not like to be limited by age, so I read books meant for adults and young adults, as long as they fit my preferred genres.

I especially like if books have: dragons, unicorns, succubi, any steam-punkish goodness, alternate history twists, robots, Earth's colony on some other planet setting and what makes us human theme.

What books I will automatically decline?

  • Erotica
  • Christian Fiction
  • Non Fiction
  • Childrens (although I may break this rule for interesting fantasy Middle Grade novels)
  • Mystery or Romantic Suspense (but if the book has elements of fantasy, paranormal, horror and science fiction then I am interested)
  • Western (and once again if the main genre is fantasy, paranormal, horror and science fiction I will read a western too)

What formats am I willing to review?

My prefered format is Kindle ebooks although, of course, I can read paperbacks and hardcovers too. I do not review audiobooks.

I'm also a member of NetGalley and Edelweiss, so I can accept eGalleys via their service.

It does not matter if book is an ARC or a finished copy.

How far in advance do I need a book?

I am usually able to read and review a book within two months of receiving it. If you are a publisher or author I already cooperated before, I may be able to squeeze it in sooner.

Where will my review be posted?

Since I like to share my opinions on books, I also post my reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, Young Adult Book Central (if book exists in their database), Shelfari, LibraryThing and BookLikes.

Also, I promote my new reviews via Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ & Tumblr.

I tried to post my review on Book Reviews by Critics and Bookish, but since there was no interraction with other users I stopped. But I can post reviews there on-demand, just let me know.

Do I participate in blog tours?

Yes, but I do not do cover reveals.

I try to have an unique content on my blog, so if you want me to be part of your blog tour, I am willing to do a review, playlist, dreamcast, guest post, interview or whatever format comes to your mind that will not be copy-pasting of the same material as everyone else...

Am I willing to publish a guest post by the author or an interview?

Yes. But again unique content catch - I will not accept to publish pre-cooked guest posts or interviews. In other words, author has to respond to a list of questions I send or write a guest post for a topic that we both agree upon. Guest posts text should be original and not published before.

Contact Info

You can contact me via this email:

Please,include some basic information about the book: title, author, format, genre(s), book cover (if available) and short description in your review requests.

My usual response time is a few days. No matter if I will refuse or accept your offer, I will always answer to let you know.

Please Note

I will not accept any monetary compensation from publishers or authors to write a positive review about a book. All reviews on this blog are my personal, honest opinion.

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