Feb 1, 2018

Monthly Rewind - January 2018

So let's start with the most painful topic first.

Reading Mojo

Not the best. I would often fall asleep in the evening after a couple of pages. My usual enthusiasm about reading was missing. Maybe because I was reading a lot of last books in the series and I was in a yawn-lets-get-it-done mood.

Number of Books Read

In January I have read 9 books and missed my target by one. Goodreads challenge is mocking me that I am "1 book behind schedule". (How annoying. I hate this warning.)

That means that my target for February is 11 books (10 regular plus one from January). It will be tough, especially since February has less days then other months.

Genres of Books Read

Now the good news! For once I managed to keep up to my New Year Resolution to read more speculative fiction. In fact, I have read only books from that genre in January 2018. Maybe including In Death series is a bit of a stretch, but hey, it's set in a future.

Genres read in January 2018:

  • Fantasy: 3 books
  • Urban Fantasy: 2 books
  • In Death series (ligh-sf mystery ?): 2 books
  • Magical Realism: 1 book
  • Science Fiction: 1 book

Now let's keep it up in February!

Reading Stats

I read 3032 pages across 9 books.

Shortest book was Everything but the Squeal by John Scalzi (53 pages).

Longest books was Haunted Blade by J.C. Daniels (568 pages).

Average length of book read in January 2018 was: 337 pages.

My average rating for books in January 2018 was 4 stars. Not bad at all.

I discovered (or re-discovered since one was a re-read) two 5 star books in January 2018. One was short but funny novella by one of my favorite science fiction authors John Scalzi and other is one of my all-time-favorite-love-stories. Warm recommendations for both if you haven't read them.


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