Jan 22, 2018

Let's read more SFF! - 2018 Swords and Stars Reading Challenge

You have already probably noticed that fantasy and science fiction are two of my favorite genres. As part of New Years resolution, I always declare I will read more SFF books next year. But then fail because pretty covers or popular books distract me.

So this year, I decided o make a commitment by making this declaration aka blog post. Plus I am joining the 2018 Swords and Stars Reading Challenge so that makes it official, right?

My favorite part about 2018 Swords and Stars Reading Challenge is that we have reading tasks. They are not too easy or too hard, just right.

  1. ✔ Read a book with Dragons in it ~ Nice Dragons Finish Last
  2. ✔ Read a book over 500 pages ~ The Outsider, 577 pages
  3. ✔ Read an SFF novella ~ Passing Strange
  4. ✔ Read a first book in a series ~ Captive Prince
  5. ✔ Read a Science Fiction classic ~ The Forever War
  6. Read a Fantasy classic
  7. ✔ Read a book whose title matches the first letter of your last name ~ Magic Triumphs
  8. ✔ Read a book that has a weapon on the cover ~ Bring Me Their Hearts
  9. ✔ Read a book that has a Spaceship on the cover ~ Agent to the Stars
  10. ✔ Read a book that has been adapted ~ The Shape of Water
  11. Read a book with time travel in it
  12. ✔ Read a book that has been on your TBR shelf for over 2 years ~ Knight's Shadow, on my TBR since 2014 (ouch)
  13. Read a book whose cover has stars in it or whose title has any variation of the word star in it
  14. ✔ Read a book with magical realism in it ~ Lost Lake
  15. Read an SFF graphic novel
  16. ✔ Read a Sequel ~ Into the Bright Unknown, sequel to the Gold Seer Trilogy
  17. Read a diverse SFF book
  18. Read a Random SFF book – your pick!
  19. Read a fantasy book inspired by another story, fairytale, myth etc.
  20. Read a book with a map

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