Jul 17, 2013

Waiting On Wednesday: When the World was Flat (And We Were in Love) by Ingrid Jonach

Waiting On Wednesday When the World Was Flat (and we were in love) by Ingrid Jonach

Each Wednesday, Jill from Breaking The Spine helps us share, discover and rave about books that we can't wait to read. And if you can't recognize the cover snippet above, the book I am waiting on this Wednesday is...

Book Cover When the World Was Flat (and we were in love) by Ingrid Jonach

When the World was Flat (And We Were in Love) by Ingrid Jonach
Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Romance
Publication Date: September 3, 2013
Publisher: Strange Chemistry


Looking back, I wonder if I had an inkling that my life was about to go from ordinary to extraordinary.

When sixteen-year-old Lillie Hart meets the gorgeous and mysterious Tom Windsor-Smith for the first time, it’s like fireworks — for her, anyway. Tom looks as if he would be more interested in watching paint dry; as if he is bored by her and by her small Nebraskan town in general.

But as Lillie begins to break down the walls of his seemingly impenetrable exterior, she starts to suspect that he holds the answers to her reoccurring nightmares and to the impossible memories which keep bubbling to the surface of her mind — memories of the two of them, together and in love.

When she at last learns the truth about their connection, Lillie discovers that Tom has been hiding an earth-shattering secret; a secret that is bigger — and much more terrifying and beautiful — than the both of them. She also discovers that once you finally understand that the world is round, there is no way to make it flat again.

An epic and deeply original sci-fi romance, taking inspiration from Albert Einstein’s theories and the world-bending wonder of true love itself.

~ taken from Goodreads

Why Am I Waiting On When the World was Flat (And We Were in Love) by Ingrid Jonach?

  1. Love the book title, it's long, romantic and quirky.
  2. Cover is also pretty: simple and again has hints of romance.
  3. It's summer so I am in a mood for a cute love story.
  4. I'm an Albert Einstein fan (quirky scientist - what's not to love). So just mentioning his name in summary got me interested.
  5. Strange Chemistry didn't fail me yet. I enjoyed all young adult books published by them I have read. I hope this book will be no exception.

P.S. For all bloggers a little side note, When the World was Flat (And We Were in Love) is now available on NetGalley for requests. ;)

So, those are my reasons why I am waiting on When the World was Flat (And We Were in Love). What are yours? Did you hear about When the World was Flat (And We Were in Love) before? Will you read it? What are you waiting for?

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  1. Wonderful pick! I can't wait to read it, and yes, Strange Chemistry have yet to disappoint!

    Thanks :D
    Shaheen @ Speculating on SpecFic
    Check out what I'm waiting on!

    1. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who is in tune with Strange Chemistry books. :)

  2. Oh I'm getting this one for review too! I'm really curious about it and I can't wait to read it. Sounds really different. Great pick :)

    Here is our WOW

    1. I just got approved for review too. I hope we both enjoy it! :)

  3. YES I learned about this book yesterday and I'm so excited to read it!

    Here's my WoW

    Jess @ Such A Novel Idea

  4. Thanks for sharing, sounds lovely :) I'll add it on my TBR & request it on NetGalley, too :)

  5. Interesting pick. Thanks for sharing :)



  6. I saw this too and thought, wow sounds pretty great, but since I haven't tried anything by Strange Chemistry, I wasn't sure about it. Thanks for sharing-going to check it out again. :)

    1. As I said I read a couple of Strange Chemistry books and all were very good. Original topics, true young adult problems/content. I can't guarantee for this one since I haven't read it yet, but I can hope it continues the trend. :)

  7. This does sound really interesting. This is the first I've heard of this one. Great pick!
    Natflix&Books' WoW

    1. I'm always glad to hear when my pick was new for someone. Wow is meant to help us discover new books. :)


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