May 13, 2013

Book Review: True by Erin McCarthy

Book Cover: True by Erin McCarthy


#1 in Untitled series

by Erin McCarthy

Age: New Adult
Genres: Contemporary, Romance

Format: Ebook, 222 pages
Published On: May 7, 2013 by InterMix
Source: NetGalley

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First Sentence: Getting drunk was not in my plans for Friday night.

Erin McCarthy is already familiar to me. I read a couple of books in Vegas Vampires series, and although they were not life-altering, I found them great as palate-cleansers (I'm stealing this term from GR friend) meaning that they are light, fluffy and great break between books that are ... well more. I started reading True expecting nothing more than that - relaxing summer read.

The plot of True is nothing new, I bet you read at least one book similar to this one. Rory, our heroine, is nerd who interacts better with mathematical formulas and logical problems than real people. She's brutally honest, average looking, does not care for fashion or makeup and she is still a virgin. Of course being 20-something-year-old virgin nowadays is a problem and as soon as her friends find out about it they decide to help her out. Sounds familiar?

You would expect that I will like Rory and feel connection to her, since I am a big nerd and I studied mathematics, but sadly even her sarcastic and sassy comments left me cold. She was portrayed as a freak and her slutty, perfectly-good-looking party-loving sex-without-relationship roommates were presented as picture of average girl on college. Yeah right. :/

And don't get me started on Tyler, the guy who is interested in helping Rory lose her virginity. I know I should be swooning over his bad-boy attitude, tattoos, perfect body, tortured and tragic family history, how he is compassionate and don't forget that he is a bookworm. But he, the same as Rory and her roommates, felt somehow over-the-top.

This whole novel is like a reality tv shows - they should feature real people and their problems but everything instead looks fake.

I know I am being picky, and maybe I would have given True 3 stars if I have read it a couple of months earlier, since I really could not say anything is wrong with Erin McCarthy's style of writing and this book was a quick read. But reading Losing It by Cora Carmack really upped my standards - that's how 'true' new adult contemporary romance set on college should feel imho. So, sorry True you and I are not meant to be.

My Rating: 2.5 out of 5


  1. Ha, I've heard all sorts of terrible things about this one, and it does sound like the asshole brother of Losing It, so no thanks.

    Also, welcome back!

    1. I heard mixed reviews too, but I am trying to clean up my review pile and that means reading (or at least giving a fair chance) to all the books on it. I would not say True was so bad, but I really hate exaggerated plots and characters, I am sure there is a huge amount of romance lovers who is going to enjoy this book.

      Thanks. :)


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