Jan 15, 2013

Top Ten 2013 Adult Speculative Fiction Debuts I'm Looking Forward To

This was the toughest Top Ten list for me to write so far. Why? Because, although I have rather long list of waiting-to-be-published books on Goodreads, they are mostly sequels to series I am reading or new books by authors I already read. When I had to filter down that list to debut authors, I had only two books left.

Desperate time need desperate measures, so I had to do my share of googling and scouring the catalogs of some of my favorite publishers until I found a list of books that I was some-what satisfied with. The list could probably be better and I bet there are some awesome books out there I didn't mention here.

So here are in no particular order (I added them as I found them) fantasy and science fiction debuts I can't wait to read in 2013.

  • Blood's Pride (Shattered Kingdoms #1) by Evie Manieri Publisher describe this as "epic fantasy set in a quasi-Medieval Mediterranean region, drawing together the warrior culture of Vikings, the wanderlust of desert nomads, and the oracles of ancient Greece". Add to that that main character is kick-ass heroine Mongrel, an infamous mercenary and this sounds just like the type of books I adore.
  • The Thinking Woman's Guide to Real Magic by Emily Croy Barker Parallel universes, magic training - what's not to love. And I always hope that some of the spells they show us will work in real life... ;)
  • A Conspiracy of Alchemists (The Chronicles of Light and Shadow #1) by Liesel Schwarz Blend of steampunk, urban fantasy and paranormal romance with an unusual cargo drags airship-pilot Elle Chance as main heroine - this book promises to be fun.
  • Fade to Black (Rojan Dizon #1) by Francis Knight An interesting concept for a city in this book. "A city built up in layers, not across – where streets are built upon streets, buildings balance precariously upon buildings." After seeing something similar in new Total Recall, I'm curious to find out more about this strange city & Rojan Dizon, bounty hunter.
  • Between (The Between #1) by Kerry Schafer Urban fantasy with a heroine who finds out the hard way that it's not always good if your dreams come trough, especially if you are dreaming about dragons & other mythical beasts. As soon as I saw word dragons in book summary I had to read this book!
  • Promise of Blood by Brian McClellan This sounds like good gritty military fantasy. I didn't read any books from this genre for quite some time.
  • Sea Change by S.M. Wheeler Young girl Lily an has "eloquent and intelligent sea monster Octavius, a kraken", as a friend in this book. I love books about friendship between humans and animals, and if the creature is mythical even better!
  • The Darwin Elevator ( Dire Earth Cycle #1) by Jason M. Hough 23rd century, only one city left on Earth. Alien plague turned most human into mindless savage monsters. This is a great setting for an action-packed science fiction novel.
  • Dreams and Shadows by C. Robert Cargill "There is another world than our own, as close and intimate as a kiss, as terrifying and haunting as nightmares, a realm where fairies and djinns, changelings and angels, all the stuff of which dreams are made is real...and where magic awaits in the shadows, just a hidden step away. " I love any plots with parallel worlds, especially if those other worlds are magical (literally).
  • The Grim Company by Luke Scull This sounds like another great epic fantasy. They even mention Highlanders, I hope they will be wearing kilts. :D

You have probably noticed that there are no young adult novels on this list. This is deliberate omission. I already published list of young adult debuts I am reading for 2013 Debut Author Challenge and I wanted this list to be only for adult speculative fiction. Hope you find something to look forward in 2013 too. :)

Let's Talk:

Well that's it from me. Are we waiting for the same debuts in 2013? What books by debut authors are you looking forward to?

Share your thoughts and links to your lists in comments! :)


  1. Blood's Pride & The Grim Company are both on my watch-list for 2013. I already have an ARC of The Darwin Elevator, but I'm waiting a bit closer to the release date to give it a read.

    1. I also have an ARC for The Darwin Elevator, but June is so far away so I am looking forward to reading it. :)

  2. I had to exactly the same thing! All the books I'm looking forward to coming out are series or authors I love. I got sick of looking so I only got to seven haha.

    1. I stubbornly did not give up until I collected 10. But I am not sorry, I found some great books, I am especially looking forward to 'The Thinking Woman's Guide to Real Magic' - it sounds awesome.

    2. Let us know if some of the spells do work in real life :p It does sound pretty interesting.

  3. I really want to read Conspiracy of Alchemists...I was declined a galley of it, so I'm anxiously waiting for it to come out!!

    It's nice to see a list of adult books, so often it's all YA! :) I like a little variety, haha!

    If you're into adult speculative fiction/dystopia you should read Seed by Rob Ziegler, I just read it and really really liked it (not loved, but really really liked, lol). You can see my review here

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my TTT!

    1. I was declined on NetGalley but then I tried on Edelweiss and got approved there. But I am waiting closer to publication date before I read it...
      Thanks for a link to Seed review, I got free ebook recently on giveaway and for now all I know about the book is that it has great cover. :)

  4. Awesome list and did you see there are giveaways for several on goodreads?? I had to enter, maybe I'll be able to read them soon ;-) Thanks for stopping by my blog this week!

    1. Yes there are giveaways but they are mostly US limited. :(


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